Magín Ruiz de Albornoz

Magin Ruiz de Albornoz Domínguez leads from the year 1977 the architecture and urbanism’s studio MrA architects.

Once taken his studies of Top Architecture in the Universidad Politécnica de  Valencia (1971-1977) created the studio that has been working continued to the present day.

Always he has been linked to initiatives relative to the world of the creation, taking part in numerous works and sponsorships related to the Historical and Artistic Heritage.

The extent of his work and his diversity, and his interest for the culture have awarded a personal wealth that turns out to be fundamental at the moment to stamp the character of professionalism and sensibility that characterize the works realized by MrA.

During all these years he has showed his worry and interest so much for the works of small importance as for those of big dimensions. From any of the single-family housings projected up to the major architectural realized complex they have designed and constructed by the same illusion and dedication.